The first pair of piping plovers arrived on Wollaston Beach on April 21st.

On May 6th Momma dropped 4 eggs in a single day. A second pair nesting up the beach a bit, started incubating 3 eggs the next day.

Four days of cold wind and rain, a heat wave, scorching sand, mom and dad shared nesting duty for almost a month 

A little one emerged along with 3 other siblings on June 6th. The little ones started walking the first hour.

I'm 9 days old. I can run fast, but my mommy can fly.  She brings breakfast lunch, and dinner if I come when she calls.

I'm 15 days old. Mom said I can play in the shallow water. I can even find my own lunch - GUMMY WORMS!  Daddy is over there, He's watching the Sea Ghouls. Sea Ghouls are scary.

I'm 25 days old. All my fuzzy feathers fell off and I'm starting to look like Mom and Dad. I can't tell if I'm a boy or a girl yet.  Look at my tail feathers they are growing too. Pretty soon I can fly like my Mom. Then we can go on vacation!

I'm 29 days old. My tail and my wings work now and I can fly just like mom - but not as far and not as high. Tomorrow morning we are all leaving on a big trip and I'm getting stronger every day. Love the gummy snails. Bye bye Wolly Beach, Bye bye Paparazzi!


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